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“‘The Foremost Amongst the Divine Attributes Is to Hate the Vulgar Power of Violence’: Aharon Shmuel Tamares and Recovering Nonviolence for Jewish Ethics,” Journal of Jewish Ethics, vol. 2.

“Justice, Wealth, Taxes: A View from the Perspective of Rabbinic Judaism,” Journal of Religious Ethics.

“Hagar and Ishmael: A Commentary,” Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theolog, 68:3 (2014).

“Land and Messianism,” Journal of Scriptural Reasoning  Volume 10.1.

“A Response to Menachem Fisch’s ‘Berakhot 19b: The Bavli’s Paradigm of Confrontational Discourse’,” The Journal of Textual Reasoning, Volume 4.2.

“Why Textual “Reasoning”?” Journal of Textual Reasoning  (2002): 1.1.

“Giddul’s Wife and the Power of the Court: On Talmudic Law, Gender, Divorce and Exile,” RLAWS: Review of Law, Women and Society, Volume 9.2.

“‘This Patriarchy Which is Not One’: The Ideology of Marriage in Rashi and Tosafot, Hebrew Union College Annual. Volume 70 (1999).

“‘Do the dead know…’ The Representation of Death in the Bavli,” AJS Review, vol. xxiv, no 1, 1999.

“Towards an Erotics of Martyrdom,” The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, Volume 7, Number 2 1997.

Book Chapters

“The Violence of Poverty,” in Wealth and Poverty in the Jewish Tradition, Studies in Jewish Civilization, Vol. 26, ed. Leonard J. Greenspoon, Purdue University Press (2015).

The Divine Voice of the People,” Cross Currents, September, 2014, 404-409

The Gender of Shabbat,” in Introduction to Seder Kodashim, ed. Tal Ilan, Monika Brockhaus and Tanja Hidde, Mohr-Siebeck (2012)

The Sage and the Other Woman: A Rabbinic Tragedy,” in The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism, ed. Danya Ruttenberg, NYU (2009).

“Hearing the Cry of the Poor,” in Crisis, Call, and Leadership in the Abrahamic Traditions, ed. Peter Ochs and William Stacy Johnson Palgrave Macmillan, (2009).

“Beginning Gittin/Mapping Exile,” in Beginning/Again: Toward a Hermeneutics of Jewish Texts, ed. Aryeh Cohen and Shaul Magid, Seven Bridges Press (2002).

“The Task of the Talmud:  On Talmud as Translation,” in A.A. den Hollander, Ulrich Schmid, Willem Smelik,  eds. Paratext and Megatext as Channels of Jewish and Christian Traditions: The Textual Markers of Contextualization, E.J. Brill, 2003.

“Response to ‘Revelation Revealed’,” in Textual Reasonings, ed. Nancy Levene and Peter Ochs SCM Press, 2002.

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  1. Aryeh,
    It was great to see you in san diego. I am the rabbi in seattle who worked with adam rubin. I have been wanting to follow up and learn more about the commentary you mentioned as we walked where a commentator understands the first commandment of the eseret dibrot to be caring for the vulnerable. I know you said it was on your website and the only related thing I found is the first article on your site but don’t think that is the right article. Any chance you can point me in the right direction in hebrew or english? Thanks so much

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