Video and Audio

A Better Future for Israelis and Palestinians, 10/27/21

Restorative Justice 101: Come and Learn, Reframe the World, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, 9/12/21

We Keep Each Other Safe: Safety Beyond Policing, 7/8/21

Speak Torah to Power, “Justice in the City” 2/13/19

Social Justice as Spiritual Practice in Rabbinic Judaism – R’ Yanklowitz interviews R’ Aryeh Cohen 3/15/2017

With Workers and CLUE at McDonald’s 4/15/16

With the Black Jewish Justice Alliance and CLUE at LAPD headquarters 4/8/15


Tshuvah inside and out: How We Change The World Through Changing Ourselves

(The source sheet for this lecture is here: tshuvah inside and out.)

and then there’s between (just the poem)

Social Justice as a Jewish Movement with Professor Aryeh Cohen, Ph.D., American Jewish University from Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue on Vimeo.

A History of the Sabbath According to the Classical Texts: Lecture at The Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies at Pepperdine University

Sacred Architecture, Holy Space

A Scandal Against the Image of God: Speaking at a memorial for farm workers who died in the fields

The Just Sukkah event we organized at Occupy LA

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